The Lost & the Faithful

Insanity in the night!

Last night was crazy! I’m sound asleep, in my bed, and I get rudely awakened by this screeching!! After a minute of wondering what it is I realize it’s a tengu, and so I get up and look outside, and while I don’t see anything, I felt like something was wrong… I get up, get my pants on, and get my bardiche, and go outside. I saw Aian & Kalendra out there, so I ran to join them, and it was dark out and I felt the need for light, and I thought Kalendra lit the midsummer festival fire, though I did not see her do her twiddily-finger-magic stuff. Anyway, theres this big ruckus from the forest, and then a tengu comes rushing out, and right after him this giant bear skeleton just comes up and smacks him and he crumples!!! :( That is sad, because I like tengu. None of us had any time to mourn as the bear and a whole mess of bat things and some flaming boar lookign things come rushing out of the woods! I….. I didn’t know what to do. It was all so much! My friends and family were getting hurt by these beasts and while I’ve trained myself and know how to use a weapon this was all too much. I was talking to people and they didn’t seem to understand me, and Aian was getting hurt badly and I couldn’t do anything… I felt like the world was crumpling in upon itself, but I wouldn’t let it. NO! I screamed that I did not want my friends and family to hurt, and they looked better. I screamed again and the beasts didn’t look like they liked what had just happened. Aian fell, and so I stepped over his body to protect him and his dragon Marros fell. I tried to protect them, but it didn’t seem like enough. Kalendra was shooting some sort of electrical bolts and that seemed to hurt the beasts. Some of the other villagers were hacking at the beasts and finally, finally, they fell… but Aian had fallen, and people rushed to his side to help him. I knew that if I could only reach him, I would be able to save him, but people weren’t paying attention to me. Some of them, were even looking at me strange as if they didn’t know what I was saying. Finally I pushed my way through the people and I could touch him and color seemed to return to him. He was alive!! I did the same to Marros, and he was doing better.

After that people calmed down and tried to get back to rest… well… most people anyway. I couldn’t. I walked around, and looked at the remains of the bear and the bats and the flaming boar things. There were also all these skeletons of squirrels and snakes and other things… Where we were doing battle there were a bunch of unmoving ones. Though there were more all around, just kind of hopping around, and chirping and being…. squirrel-like. After about an hour of just wandering, looking, the skeleton of the bear started to move…. and I got angry! After all it had done, after my restless night, it was not coming back up! I mustered all my strength and as I was about to cut into it i felt a bigger burst of strength, and I killed it, again! I don’t think it’s coming back this time.

After that one of my friends, Jarred, came up to me and told me that I was being kind of scary. That my eyes were glowing with this bright blue, I was speaking in some weird language, and it looked like I was doing magic. I have never done any magic. I don’t know how to do magic. And where would i learn another language from? Who knows? All I know is that I could help protect my friends, and everything is okay!


Shadow Falls
The beginning of an adventure

The village of Shadow Falls is home to about 50 people. Mostly human, there are a few families of half elves & one family of half-orcs.


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