Here are some extra traits you can select from for your character:

“I’ve wrestled with dragons” – The title says it all! When you were young you played with dragons, occasionally your size, but typically those much larger than you. With that, came a mindset that big scary things – while big – may not always be all that scary. You get a +1 trait bonus to resist all intimidate checks, and +1 trait bonus on saves vs. fear effects.

Battle Raised – You grew up around soldiers, weather that be in a mercenary camp, a lords household, or just raised in a militaristic village. Thus you have learned to defend yourself with a weapon or two, either by being taught directly, or though many small half-lessons. Pick one Marshal or Exotic weapon, you have proficiency in that weapon. This trait can only be taken at first level.

Night Terrors Survivor – Some kids catch it, most kids do not. The night terrors is a disease that no mother wants their child to catch. It typically begins with waking up in the middle of the night from bad dreams, and eventually comes to the child unconsciously screaming in the middle of the night for hours, before going back to sleep and – if they wake up – not remembering anything that happened. Anyone who survives, is changed. You were one of the lucky ones, you survived the night terrors, but you still fear sleep. You gain a +1 trait bonus vs. sleep effects.


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